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A LinkedIn-style job network for the blue-collar crowd, Oct 2, '13

For Randall Wickus, electrician, welder, appliance installer, and all-around handy dude, advertising his services can be a tricky task. "I don't advertise in the newspaper, because that's a dying form right now," Wickus said, adding that Craigslist and Li..

Equipment World

WorkHands is a LinkedIn-style social network for skilled workers

Equipment World, Sep 26, '13

You might already be rolling your eyes. Another social network? But trust us, this one looks like a great idea for serious problem. Launched earlier this month, for skilled workers in construction and manufacturing. Styled after LinkedIn, the g...

San Francisco Chronicle

WorkHands: online network for skilled trades (free)

San Francisco Chronicle, Sep 24, '13

WorkHands wants to be a LinkedIn for America's estimated 20 million skilled workers. The San Francisco startup launched this month and aims to serve the "frequently overlooked" blue-collar workforce of carpenters, machinists, electricians, welders, pipefitters and others...


Can Tech Startups Solve Serious Urban Problems? These Companies Think So

Forbes, Sep 17 ,'13

This "LinkedIn for blue collar workers" provides workers with online tools to showcase their skills. This can include work licenses they’ve earned, or photos to show examples of the work they’ve done...


WorkHands Wants to Become The Blue-Collar LinkedIn

ReadWriteWeb, Sept 11, '13

According to the most recent statistics from the Kaiser Family Foundation, blue collar workers make up roughly 60% of the workforce in each U.S. state. However, you'd never know that browsing the Internet. While there are dozens of job boards...


WorkHands is a LinkedIn for Blue Collar Jobs

FastCoExist, Sep 10, '13

LinkedIn is a valuable resource for job-seekers--as long as they're looking for a certain type of job. Go to the "Jobs" section of the business social network and look at the available jobs in your network. You probably see some familiar names...